Brittany J. Thurman
Brittany J. Thurman

more about me:


My grandmother (center), great-aunts, and great-uncle.

My grandmother (center), great-aunts, and great-uncle.

Where am i from?

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Soon after, my mom and I moved to Germany. I don't remember a thing about living in Germany, but I like to pretend my foggy images of Freiburg are real. After moving back to the U.S., I lived in Kentucky until 3rd grade, then it was off to North Carolina. Ever had the pleasure of attending year round school? While living in NC, I went to school 9 weeks, followed by 3 weeks off, all year round. During my breaks I would go back to Kentucky. I also lived in London, England for four years of undergrad. There, I studied theatre at Kingston University and worked at Topshop in Oxford Circus.

When someones asks, Where are you from?, Louisville, Kentucky is always the answer, but each of these places have become a huge part of me. I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA.

Most influential person:

My grandmother is my rock. Her strength, beauty, and outlook on life keeps me going. My grandmother was born in the 1940's, grew up during the civil rights era, and has endured more than I can imagine. If I can become half the woman she is, I know I've done well. Grace is what she possesses. Grace is what I strive to obtain. 


What I love besides writing:


I love to travel and explore places I’ve never been. I caught the travel bug when I was a toddler and haven’t stopped since. Give me a plane, clear sunny skies, and a new place to visit. I’m there!