Brittany J. Thurman
Brittany J. Thurman
Aspen, Colorado


Brittany Janee Thurman

is devoted to candy. Sour candy, gummy candy, even candy that doesn't look like candy. But, what she loves more than sweet confectioneries is writing for children. Babies, toddlers, preschools, school age, young adult.  She writes while savoring delicious sugary treats. You might find her with a pen in hand, or a book, or some candy. You'll always find her with a story.

Rep'd by Danielle M. Smith @ Lupine Grove Creative



MFA Dramatic Writing, Carnegie Mellon University (2013)

BA Theatre, Kingston University, London, England (2009)


Brittany's books

Mother Poems
Luke on the Loose
Freedom Summer
The Secret Olivia Told Me
Dragon Was Terrible
A Hand to Hold
Life Without Nico
My New Mom & Me
A Moon of My Own
Where Do They Go?
How to Find a Fox
Even Superheroes Have Bad Days
Be Who You Are
Unspoken: A Story from the Underground Railroad
Golden Bear
We Came to America
Quit Calling Me a Monster!
I Am a Story
The Girl Who Saved Yesterday

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