I Have a Serious Addiction to Candy

As the title says, I have a serious addiction to candy. My addiction started when I was a child, I would say around preschool. If it was sweet, I wanted it. 

  • Candy
  • Cake
  • Cookies

But mostly candy...

It didn't matter what kind of candy, as long as it was bought at a store and then swiftly brought to the loving care of my hands. 

Now, I've gotten a little better over the years but my number one sweet confectionery will always be...


Slightly sour, crunchy, tangy. I would ask my grandmother if she would go to the store and get me four $.25 boxes. In the early days it had to be the lemon flavor. Nothing beat them. I loved how some of the candies stayed hard until the very last crunch, then others swiftly softened as soon as they touched my tongue. 

Ferrara Pan Lemonheads are a classic, but their other flavors soon took center stage in my life as well. 





Now, I've never and probably will not ever be a fan of the #chewyheads, #grapeheads, #orangeheads...

Give me the classics and I'm set. 

Do you have a favorite candy from you childhood? If so, write it in the comments below!